“caressing warmth”

…her vocal interpretation, anchored in the caressing warmth of her middle register, was admirably intergrated.

Yehuda Shapiro
Opera Magazine
(July 2018)



…and the ecstatic operetta duet “One More Kiss” by the great classical soprano, Josephine Barstow, making her NT debut at 78, and the astonishing Alison Langer.

The Independent

“a revelation”


Violetta was Alison Langer, who was a revelation.

(June 2018)

“the most moving”

….I have to confess that Violetta’s death scene was one of the most moving I have witnessed in a long time.

Robert Hugill
(11 June 2018)

“A bright future”


Alison Langer, as Norina, clearly has a bright future.

The Guardian


“poised and moving”


Langer made a poised and moving Violetta, bringing out the character’s youth, moving successfully from the brilliance of Act One, through the tragedy of Act Two to a powerful final scene.

Planet Hugill
(11th June 2018)

“A true marvel”

Alison Langer is quite the star soprano. Her voice is round, consistent and beautiful. Her performance of ‘Sempre libera’ was spirited, elegant and seemed effortless. A true marvel to see on stage.

Mary Nguyen
(June 2018)

“Star presence”


In a scene filled with gaiety and youthful hedonism, Langer has star presence as Musetta

The Arbrutrarian


“prima donna role”


Alison Langer rose superbly to the remainder of her prima donna role as Norina.

Donizetti Society

(March 2015)

“crystal clarity”

Josephine Barstow and Alison Langer’s duet as old and young Heidi, joins their two operatic soprano voices with crystal clarity

The Stage
Tim Bano
(August 2017)

“fine lyric soprano”


Alison Langer (Norina) had a fine lyric soprano voice with a great way with the Donizetti vocal line

Planet Hugill